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+506 8423 0813/ 2524 0859
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Casa Echavarria Hotel

We are strategically located in the most active area in San Jose, San Pedro de Montes de Oca, next to the most prestigious Universities of our country, Costa Rica University, Latina University and Fidelitas University, you can find all the amenities in the area, like pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, etc

in the mornings, we offer satisfying breakfast to start your day free of charge. Hot Costa Rican food and coffee.
Students, Teachers, business men/women, all kinds of travelers Hotel Casa Echavarria is the place to stay while in San Jose. While you fall in love with our town, let us take good care of you. Other than that, we will do our best help you have a relaxing, wonderful, safe, and memorable holiday or (extended) vacation.

We will also help you with arrangements for tours, rent a car, taxis, bus schedules, etc. Our staff is dedicated to helping you have a wonderful experience while in San Jose, even if you are just staying the night in between travels from Caribbean to the Pacific coast or in case you want to get to know more about our culture, and hang around San Jose.
Pre-Colombian Gold Museum is 2.2 miles from Casa Echavarria, and Juan Santamaría International Airport is 12 miles away.
15 minutes walk to Mall San Pedro, Outlet Mall, the famous street of Calle de la amargura.
25 minutes walk to the downtown.
Karim Tadlaoui